Sherlock Holmes: The Strange Case of Miss Alice Faulkner

Fri, Mar 31, 2023
Sat, Apr 1, 2023
Sun, Apr 2, 2023

Sherlock Holmes: The Strange Case of Miss Alice Faulkner

Synopsis: This adventure of Detective Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson comes from the imagination of the man who played the character over a thousand times on stage, and made the pipe and hat the signature trademark of the famous detective. Orson Welles himself penned this adaptation from William Gillette’s story.

The story begins as Dr. Watson tells of a mystery and scandal involving the two Faulkner sisters. The mystery expands with blackmail and mistaken identity as Alice Faulkner is held against her will, mysterious callers and hidden letters take hold of the detective and he gets kicked out of a mysterious house. Later Holmes finds himself suddenly alone at his residence in Baker Street where Moriarty walks through the door. The villain’s plans of mayhem and murder are no match for Sherlock's quick wit and thinking and shows the man out the door.

Detective Sherlock Holmes sets out on his own while Moriarty sets another deadly gas trap for Holmes with the help of Mr. Larrabee and Mr. Craig. Alice follows them, eager to set the story straight with the letters, with the Detective who may be her only hope. She is found and bound and put into a cupboard as Sherlock arrives. Our Detective sees right through their lies and blackmail. He plans, outwits, and defeats them, uncovering Alice and escapes with her.

Mrs. H. de Witte Seaton calls on Watson in her search for Holmes. When she doesn't find him at Baker Street and thinks all hope is lost, they locate him -- and he is in quite a state, after being hit by a cabman. But disappearing and getting hit was all part of Sherlock’s grand plan. Moriarty, disguised as the cab driver, is unmasked, and taken to jail. The story ends and the letters are put in the right place as the next mystery case is brought to Detective Holmes and Dr. Watson and the circle of the life of a detective continues.

The Argument: The actor who originally played Sherlock Holmes himself went on to write his own tale in the adventures of Sherlock and Watson, with the blessing of Doyle himself. Loss of a sister is at the core of this story. Mourning knows no rhyme or reason or length of time. You can miss someone forever. This mystery makes us all ask ourselves what one is capable of doing in the name of love… or justice.